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How to set up a KayScience school account:

  • How to add teachers
  • How to add classes
  • How to add students

How teachers set tasks:

  • How to set videos & quizzes
  • How pupils complete tasks
  • How pupils use KayScience

How to use our markbook to track student progress:

  • Whole school performance
  • Markbook to track quizzes
  • Markbook to track videos

How to use the LSQ Maker:

  • Set quizzes for homework
  • Fully trackable markbook
  • How pupils use the quizzes

KayScience For Schools

Help your students catch up with lost learning

Fill the gaps of your students knowledge and get them ready for the 2023 GCSE exams

Improve your department’s results

Teachers can use our 800+ videos with embedded tasks and formative assessment during lessons, distance learning and homework

Reduce your department's workload

No more marking and reduced planning with 8000+ self-marking quiz questions which tracks student progress

Every Teacher can teach with confidence

Use our 800+ videos for CPD to Improve the quality of teaching in your department

KayScience pricing for a 12 month school subscription

Students can do their homework and revise for their exams with access to over 800 GCSE videos. Videos have gap-fills and questions for independent practice. Videos are followed by self-marking quizzes to check for understanding. Students can download the KayScience student app.

Teachers can track every minute watched and every question answered. Teachers can use the questions at the end of videos in class, create Do Now tasks using our Low-Stakes Quiz Maker and can generate/edit questions from our KS4 and KS3 question bank to create pdfs to be used as homework or during lessons.

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£1.99+VAT per KS4 or KS3 student
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Download Our Student App

Exciting news! The KayScience student app is ready to be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is a brand new app, so any issues/feedback, please email us at [email protected].

Access 800+ videos, exam style questions, gap fills and over 10,000 self marking quiz questions.