Top 7 Ways To Help Your Children Do Their Homework

February 01, 2023 • By Sami at KayScience

We all know how difficult it is to motivate your teenager to do their homework and actually put in some effort. Unfortunately it can lead to a lot of arguments a tension between the teenager and parents.

Look no further, KayScience is here to save the day. Here are some tips for parents to support their child's learning:


  1. Create a positive study environment: Set up a quiet, well-lit study area for your child and establish a regular homework routine. Encourage them to take breaks and provide healthy snacks to fuel their minds.
  2. Communicate with teachers: Stay in touch with your child's teachers and attend parent-teacher conferences to understand their expectations and progress.
  3. Use learning resources: Encourage your child to use educational websites and learning apps that cater to their needs.
  4. Practice active listening: Listen to your child when they are explaining their homework to you, asking questions to help them clarify their understanding.
  5. Provide guidance, not answers: Don’t do the homework for your child, but offer support and guidance to help them solve problems on their own.
  6. Encourage self-study: Teach your child the value of independent study and encourage them to revise regularly.
  7. Reinforce positive learning habits: Praise your child for their efforts, celebrate their successes, and help them understand their mistakes and how to improve.


By following these tips, you can play a crucial role in supporting your child's academic progress and helping them achieve their full potential. Helping children with their homework and revision is an important aspect of parenting that can positively impact their academic performance.

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We’re committed to helping your child become a better learner and maximize their potential. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.