How to Effectively Prepare for Mock Exams (PPEs)

November 25, 2022 • By Sami at KayScience

How to prepare for your mock GCSE exams (PPEs)

Use the exam resource booklets by topic we have to practice every type of exam question that can come up. We also have booklets with 3-6 mark questions organised by topic so you do not have to be searching through past papers for random questions.


If you do not understand a topic, then watch our videos which explains each topic in bite-size chunks. We have gap fills and questions to then help you practice the content you have just learnt.


You can use our quizzes to then test your knowledge recall on a daily basis by selecting the topics and then working through all the questions. 


Preparing for your exams is a stressful time, and can take a major toll on your energy. You may think that you need to spend all your time revising, and yes, you should spend a considerable amount of time on your work. However, don’t forget that you are allowed to take breaks - no more than 5-10 min in at the end of each hour of studying. Spend about 2-3 hours each night studying and remember to get that good sleep each night to recover.


Gneral tips to help your child prepare for their mock exams

In order to ensure your child is preparing for their exams in the most efficient way, we recommend these three easy steps:

  • Begin a revision session with a short review of previous knowledge or learning before moving on. 
  • Make review sessions regular. Ideally, these should be in short intervals. It’ll be easier to save the information into your long-term memory over the space of a year in the lead up to an exam.
  • Ask and answer regular questions. This will strengthen long-term memory.


If you work hard you will achieve your goals

As long as you keep on top of your revision and continue to treat all exams as the real deal, you’ll be sure to succeed. 

KayScience is the perfect place to get your hand on any extra resources you will need. It’s also jam-packed with interactive videos and useful quizzes to help you stay on top of your classes.