What Next If Your Child Did Not Achieve Good GCSEs

August 30, 2022 • By Sami at KayScience

Learn Your Child’s Next Steps Before It's Too Late

There are many reasons why your child didn’t do well on their GCSE exams. ''Failure'' like this can be mentally exhausting for students. However, not doing well in an exam is not the end of the road for your child. ?

Students who fail GCSE examinations during their first attempt can re-take by resitting. Students who have passed their examinations and are dissatisfied with their performance can also apply for resits, with their parents permission of course. ?

Here’s how a resit could help your child achieve their dream grade.


What Are Resits?

If your child doesn’t achieve the results they wanted, their first option may be to resit their exams. 

Every GCSE subject can be taken twice with the best result as the final grade given. ?

Most schools allow students to study for their re-sits while also working towards their A-levels, so there is no worry about falling behind. If your child does decide to resit their exams, we can assist them on their journey.

Our Lighthall revision sessions are the perfect fit if you decide to look for help. Ahmed and I offer extensive training on the hardest GCSE topics to make your child better prepared for their science exams.

Should You Ask For A Remark?

Another option may be to ask for a remark, especially if you are close to a grade boundary.

There is no guarantee that their mark will improve – so this route should only be considered if the student is confident that their paper has been marked incorrectly. Definitely worth a try if your child is a few marks away from a better grade!


Trying Out Apprenticeships

Your child may find that they do not necessarily want to take the traditional academic route and may opt-in for an apprenticeship. You’ll be glad to hear that it is possible to do an apprenticeship without GCSEs. ?

Apprenticeships tend to last between one to two years and consist of activities and programmes that combine work and study. This is a great way to gain on the job training and develop key employability skills whilst earning money. ?


You’ve Got Our Support

Big moguls like Simon Cowell were successful with only two O-levels, so try not to think of GCSEs as the end all and be all. ?

Remember that success always comes with a slight obstacle in the way, and a resit is only a second chance at overcoming it.

Additionally, you won't have to face it alone, as we will provide your child with all the resources they need to succeed in science. So I highly recommend you click here and take advantage of the KayScience website and all the resources we have to offer. ?