10 Things You Can Do To Revise Better

April 22, 2022 • By Sami at KayScience

Use These Tips To Help Your Brain To Remember Information More Easily

Revision doesn’t need to be as stressful as everyone makes it out to be. It can be fun and engaging, you may even begin to like doing it. Below I’ve strung together some ways to revise, where different students will take to different techniques:


  1. Revision time table: This can help you identify which subjects you need to prioritise. Make a plan. Be ambitious yet realistic. Stick to the plan and don't put off revision!
  2. Regular study breaks: Feeling stressed or tired is scientifically proven to prevent you from being able to absorb information. Take 10 minute breaks every 45 minutes worth of studying.
  3. Mind maps: If you find it difficult to remember tons of new study notes, mind maps may be the key to improving your memory. This is even more useful when you use key words and pictures to summarise long sentences.
  4. Use a range of learning style: We all learn using a combination of visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinaesthetic styles. It is a myth to think you belong to just one group. We all learn through a combo of listening, reading, writing and doing so make sure you use a combiniation of this to make studying easier!
  5. Practice makes perfect: Doing as many GCSE past papers as you can is essential when it comes to revision. Go to the resources tab in KayScience to get access to all of the past papers and our very own exam question booklets.
  6. Study groups: Divide notes between trustworthy classmates. You can also revise with one trusted person - make sure you have both been working hard as you do not want to teach each other wrong information! Always refer to your notes or textbooks when asking each other questions.
  7. Multiple study habits: Don’t stick to the same boring study schedule, instead broaden your options with podcasts, watching videos or documentaries or move to a new study area if you can e.g. library.
  8. Exam day: This can be stressful but you can minimise this by avoiding panicking friends and by giving yourself plenty of time to study ahead of the exam.
  9. Use different methods for different subjects: Your GCSE revision should take into account the difference between your subjects and the challenges they represent.
  10. KayScience App: If you want to stay ahead of your friends with the latest technology for studying, then download the KayScience app.

Good luck from KayScience!