3 Great Ways To Teach Chemistry At Home

July 11, 2022 • By Sami atKayScience

Learning Chemistry At An Early Age Can Help Your Children Sharpen Their Reasoning And Visualisation Skills.


Difficulties in chemistry are no stranger to children, since it can be hard to understand organic and inorganic chemistry concepts - but teaching chemistry doesn’t need to be hard!

This is why we’ve put together 3 simple useful tips on how to teach chemistry at home, just for you.


At home experiments

It’s no secret that kids love doing fun activities and chemistry experiments can be both fun and educational - simply just because it's more visual and engaging.

For example, baking bread is an easy way to teach your child about the chemistry behind fermentation.  Using red cabbage leaves as acid and alkali indicators is another fun experiment. Experimenting with magnets is super fun for children. Click on this link for more fun ideas!


Chemistry Books

Don’t be fooled by the idea of textbooks, they can also be a fun, engaging and highly interactive way for your child to learn. Check out this book which has loads of fun ideas :) 


Teach Chemistry Vocabulary

To help kids enjoy chemistry at home, it does help for kids to be familiar with simple vocabulary. Start with the very basics, like the differences between the states of matter: liquid, solid, and gas.


Take advantage of these simple tips and your childrem will begin to find chemistry far more exciting. Learning the fundamentals of this subject will help your child sharpen their logical, analytical, and visual thinking, allowing them to get familiar with broad scientific concepts at a young age, and also helping them in school!